Important Message To Racers

New Hot Line Number (410)721-4575


***We will be charging $30 to anyone who comes in Friday either before, or during Test and Tune to park in the pits for Saturday’s event. It’s not fair to us, or our Friday night participants that parking spaces are being held for people who are not participating in that days event at no cost. You are more than welcome to park after Test & Tune has concluded for no additional charge. We also ask that NO SAVING OF PARKING SPOTS. We have had a number of complaints from racers that arrive early, and are not awarded a spot they choose because it’s “saved.” Thanks for all of your cooperation! We like a fair playing field for all.***


We will be fully enforcing NO DELAY BOXES IN CARS AT ALL IN MOD CLASS! NO EXCEPTIONS! If your Delay box is not removable, then make it. These are IHRA DIVISION 1 rules, and must be followed. If caught with a delay box in your vehicle, in eliminations, you will be disqualified. We understand some run both classes and go straight back to the lanes. You will be expected to remove the box before, or as soon as you pull in to the Mod lanes. We will be spot checking!!! If you are only running Mod, then there is no reason to have it at all!  IF A DELAY BOX IS SEEN IN THE CAR FOR BOGEY OR ELIMINATION RUNS, ANY OFFICIAL CAN INSPECT in a respectable manner.

IHRA Division 1 rules have recently changed and air and electric shifters are now legal in Mod.    Thanks for your cooperation, we’ve been asked to tighten this matter up. We are  just doing our job and making sure class rules are enforced. See you this weekend!

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